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Car Accidents/Injuries

Man calling first aid after car crash

Confusion on what to do next after experiencing a car accident is inevitable. Any accident involving a vehicle — which includes a motorcycle, car, or truck — can be rightly classified as an auto accident. These mishaps can put your job at risk, and making an appointment with your car insurance or lawyer can raise stress levels. But, don’t forget the dangers of struggling with physical injuries; this should be the top priority when dealing with an auto accident.

In many cases, due to the shock of the events, people do not feel pain after an accident. However, that doesn’t mean you should not receive some type of medical attention. When all is said and done at the moment of an accident and each party returns home, the following day can be filled with pain and body aches. This is not uncommon at all and can be a result of internal injuries or even internal bleeding.

Once we have evaluated your condition, our doctors and physical therapists will help cure or decrease the duration and severity of your injury through prompt intervention. We will design the appropriate medical plan catered to you and your specific injuries.

Better Health Services will help you with our state-of-the-art method of medical and therapeutic care to restore your strength and prevent long-lasting injury effects. We can also assist you with an attorney referrals to settle any insurance and road traffic issues.

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