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An injury can make a problem long-lasting if left untreated. The reason why we at Better Health Services are here is to provide rehabilitative care and treatment to prevent the long-term negative impact of injuries.

Our clinic provides services related to the following issues:

Our team of expert physicians, therapists, and other professionals can offer you the following care and treatments:

Car Accident Injury Treatment
Injuries due to a car accident may cause pain that can surely affect your life. Our clinic can help you to recover with customized treatment. Some symptoms after a car accident can include neck pain, headaches, and stiffness as a result of whiplash. Stiffness can also be attributed to more severe injuries such as damaged discs in different parts of the body. Accident victims may not be aware of how injured they truly are, so let us help.
Corrective Exercises
In order to reduce muscular dysfunction, appropriate corrective exercises must be practiced. This program can help you have a better balance by correcting your movement. Muscular imbalances and postural issues are not uncommon after a physical injury, and this can be significant for your knee and hips, especially if you have been hurt severely.
Neck and Back Pain Treatment
That irritating pain on your back and or neck can lead to chronic issues in the future if not treated immediately. These issues can be caused by herniated discs, fractures, spinal compression and more. The disruption of normal movement in the spinal cord may need further medical attention, and such issues may not be resolved simply through therapy. In cases which Epidural Steroid Injections (ESI) may be needed, rest assured that we will accommodate you to get this treatment with our specialized Medical Doctors.

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